Honda S660 Concept


Images: Honda

Honda have just announced the super cute mid-engined S660 Concept, which previews at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

According to industry insiders it will go into production for the Japanese market in 2015 – though a more powerful version for Europe is possible. Apparently it may bear a resemblance to the 2011 EV-Ster concept. The electric drive of that design study has been ditched, here in favour of a three-cylinder petrol unit, which apparently will crank out a rather impressive 64bhp.

Super compact and hunkered
Super compact and hunkered

Honda is, it seems, looking at other more powerful engines for the European market, and the rumour is that a 1.0-litre turbo with more than 100bhp is the favoured choice. In a roadster that tips the scales at between 850-900kg – so there’s a mouthwatering prospect of the first truly chuckable Honda since the much maligned S2000.

with a fun interior....
with a fun interior….

It’s SO good to see Soichiro‘s company getting back involved in fun-packed cars…