Toyota Corolla AE86 Backsliders


Stumbled across this interesting little video recently. It seems that the bog standard, straight out of the factory version of the AE86 was always well-disposed to kicking out the tail.

Subsequent generations of the obsessed have of course created a drift legend by welding up the diffs and weighing out the back of these mid-eighties period beauties.

In this video a Toyota team take a couple of the cars around the classic circuits of Europe with top drivers at the helm, you can see that they didn’t need any drivetrain jiggery pokery to slide nice and twistedly-like.

Reminds us that you don’t need a full aftermarket, race-specced track day monster to have fun on a racing circuit.

via JNC


2 Responses to “Toyota Corolla AE86 Backsliders”

  1. Jimbisset

    Not really a “bog standard” version – these are the Toyota Corolla Levin Apex Twin Cam 16. Their version of a Ford Cosworth!

  2. you caint speek about the AE86 without mentioning keiichi tsuchiya he raced the liftback version for years. cheers. Craig.