Sleep With Your Bike


Now, we know how attached our biking brethren can get to their machine. And when you’re on a world tour, the bond can get well, a little weird, frankly.

So reaching out to this passionate community of bike lovers, the Nomad Tent Company have recently released a portable dwelling for three – rider, pillion and huge tanked Ténéré.

“A good night’s sleep isn’t just important when you are traveling the world by motorcycle, it’s essential, ” says the company’s blurb, “We’ve been soaked through at the end of a long ride with many days, weeks or even months ahead of us on the bike. We’ve tossed and turned in cramped tents, laid like sardines in tight bivi bags, cracked our heads on cold helmets and cuddled with boots that could walk by themselves. Every tent is a compromise. That is until now,”

Makes sense to protect your ride from the aquisitive eyes of the bandits in whichever far-flung region you have strayed. But we’re not sure how different this model is from other standard head high two man tents. We suppose it’s all in the marketing. But at least the bike won’t snore. Shame about your hairy mate. And please don’t make me go with Charlie Boorman.