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Audi is one of the Automotive brands out there that has always been highly skilled at representing itself. That strap line is probably one of the most instantly recognisable in the history of advertising, and has encapsulated Audi’s technologically-focussed ethos perfectly. There have been some rather cool TV campaigns that have deepened and broadened the awareness of the brand. Here’s a fistful of our faves.

We’ve always had a bee our bonnet about what constitutes a future classic. Here’s Audi’s take:

If ever there was justification for driving four corners of your car, Audi came up with a nice, lighthearted compilation in this interesting little ditty:

And this is a clever piece of copyrighting that draws the brand values together nicely (as marketeers would say):

Intertextuality with a clever twist here in the reference to seventies cult road flick Duel. Spielberg would enjoy.