Try This At Home!



It’s not beyond the ken of reason to expect that many of you reading this are fully inflused with the digital revoluion. petrolheads as well as extreme sportsers of every hue have long sought a way to capture in moving image the addiction of speed.

Youtube is of course awash with onoard camera action, but the varying quality of the produce of these self-cast heros is testament to how difficult and expensive the tech has been that’s needed to produce top-line quality footage.

But things have just become a little bit easier. with the release of the HD version of the GoPro camera. It’s not a new concept, but apparently the Go pro takes technology shrunk in size to ridiculous levels, and is wearable, waterproof and shockproof.

If the promotional footage on the Go Pro site is anything to go by, the quality of the footage that can be produced by these relatively cheap little cameras is Jaw-Dropping.

Let’s wait and see how long it will be until an Impreza pilot is are hauled up at the dock with beautiful HD footage of his clash with a rude boy in an eight year old Boxster as evidence.

is there no escape from surveillance? We say, bring it on…


2 Responses to “Try This At Home!”

  1. Angus Preton

    Is this any different from the other products out there? Do you have to be an extreme dude to use one? Does it involve image stabilisation? So many questions. The footage does look jaw-dropping though, granted…and I might well ask Santa to get me one.