Alpine June Influx

June Calendar Car – Alpine


June's calendar car

Lucky recipients of a 2019 Influx calendar enjoyed thirty days of this blue beauty – here’s a bit more information about this particular Alpine A110 from the owner himself: 

“The car is a sought-after original Alpine A110 1600s from 1971, built in France for the Italian market as a road car.

“It was purchased by an Italian racer and converted and used in a couple of Targa Florio 1000km races. These are very long races, of course, so the front and rear windows were removed for ventilation at speed.

“The colour started off as French blue metallic, then white, and is now Renault racing blue.

“Later on in its life, the car was used in other various racing events, including hill climbs. The car eventually ended up in the USA, imported by an Alfa Romeo dealer there, and was then bought by a racer in the USA who won his first race in the car.

“I spotted it when the car was advertised by a race shop in the US and was stated to have had ‘Le Mans history’, but none came with it, only Targa Florio etc!

“I bought the car and imported it about 10 years ago and have not used it yet at all, that’s a shame really as it’s an important car.

“Some mods it currently has are as follows;

1800cc slide throttle injection Gordini engine

5-speed Hewland gearbox

Large brakes

Uprated suspension

4-bolt wheels. not 3

External oil pump.

A roll cage

etc etc. All of which means it currently runs at 180bhp and weighs in at 650 kg – so it’s an incredibly sporty car.”


Not only is it a fantastic performer, but we also believe it’s a truly iconic design and is a real star of the 2019 Influx calendar.

Thank you, Alpine, for making our June all the more enjoyable.