Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake


Forefroent of the mind this morning: the needs of a small family, and the need to love your daily drive. Tricky poles to reconcile. But, finding this lovely shot in our twitterbox this morning, it has become clear that nowhere is a gentleman’s twin automotive requirements of style and utility met better than the Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake.

The story of this most desirable of wagons goes that entrepreneur and Aston patron David Brown (whose initials have been ascribed to the perennial DB tag) found the ordinary DB5 too small to carry his dogs and hunting gear around in, so he asked Aston Martin to make him an estate version for his personal use.

Aston went ahead and commissioned esteemed English coach builders Harold Radford coachworks to modify a standard DB5 Vantage to Mr brown’s exact specifications.

The rest of Aston Martin’s weathly constituency of aficionados heard about the ‘one off’ – and eventually as many as a dozen shooting brakes were produced for various fortunate individuals with impeccable good taste.