Audi concept: The Ace of Spades!


Not sure why we’ve never come across this particular concept. It’s one of the most informative of the car it ended up becoming than any we’ve ever seen.

The Asso di Picche was the first of designer Giorgio Giugiaro’s ‘ace’ series of coupe concepts – sponsored by the VW-Audi corporation. It made its show debut in Frankfurt in 1973 – just as the whole group was about to go through a convulsion out of which emerged the beautiful and enduring Scirocco, which the study obviously resembles.

Look at those straight lines and acute angles – honourable leitmotifs of Giugiaro’s period obsessions.

In fact, according to the maestro, two superimposed isosceles triangles are used in the profile of the car – which produce aerodynamic slickness in combination with valuable use of space in the interior.

Another reason, we think, why Giugiaro has earned his place in design legend.