Audi Returns to the Oceans – Under Water Concept



Design is all about evolution. In cars, the motorised carriage evolved into two, then three rectangular boxes. Following the process of natural selection in which the fittest designs survived, the three boxes where ironed out, organic forms replacing the angles and incidences of aesthetic whimsy. Our highways are now populated by an inbred menagerie boasting little but exterior drag coefficients and interior ergonomy. It follows then, that the trajectory of natural selection may move away from the friction and drag inherent in wheels and rubber. Of course, we’ve all dreamed with The Jetsons of hovering cars and personal spacecraft. We’ve all wondered at futuristic vistas of highways in the sky, and we’ve all realised that flight, as music is to the artist, is the ultimate aspirant of the car designer. But talented young Turk Kazim Doku has dreamed with his eyes wide open and his pen fully engaged. His shark concept, which takes Audi’s design elements and packages them in a chondrichthyan form, returns to the primordial soup and retreats to our acid oceans for inspiration. The Shark concept is the winning entry of a design competition co-sponsored by Audi and Milan’s Domus Academy. Kazim’s prize was 70 percent scholarship to take part in the sought-after Masters in Automotive Design run by the academy. Unfortunately, the talented pensmen had to withdraw from application because he couldn’t afford the remaining 30 percent of the tuition fee. Any philanthropic benefactors out there with a love of innovative car design contact us immediately and we’ll pass on the good news to the man himself!