New BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Homage’ R


Ultimate stripes, ultimate Beemer concept

In case you missed this in the summer, here’s BMW’s latest concept. And we dig it.

Beemer unveiled this at this year’s Pebble Beach event – and by all accounts shone brightly in that famously star-studded firmament.

The BMW 3.0 CSL Homage R is, apparently, a race-inspired evolution of the Homage concept first unveiled at Villa d’Este in May 2015.

Press dispatches from Bavaria reckon that the car is all about celebrating the 40th anniversary of BMW of North America – which, coincidentally, was also a hugely successful year for the original BMW 3.0 CSL ‘Batmobile’ competition car in various races across the States.

The testbed nature of the design peaks in the interior. Seats feature carbon fibre bracing that extends into the surrounding structure and the instrument panel (which itself is a structural crossmember) sports an illuminated display of the Laguna Seca track layout and braking points. And the instrument panel itself is meant to look a bit like the pine mid-seventies version that came in the original motor.

It might be impossible to recreate the steeze of the talismanic Batmobile – but this does a good job of evoking its spirit.

Bravo Herr Beemer!