BMW R90S Homage Concept Bike


It seems the folks over at BMW Motorad are getting their retro on. With the fortieth anniversary of the lovely sports bike that was the BMW R90S approaching – they teamed up with Roland Sands Design in California to produce a beautiful one-off.


For our money, the bike produced reminds us of Suzuki’s Katana with it’s long, low profile and rakish lines – and doesn’t seem to evoke particularly closely the far more chunky profile of the original bike. the visual reference may or may not be a nod to Hans Muth – who, we believe, oversaw both the original R90S and the blade-like Suzuki. Still – no matter: no point in recreating the same bike – rather, we suppose, infuse a contemporary machine with the spirit of adventure that BMW breathed into the classic back in the day.


Below is a very, very nice video. It’s easy to over egg the pudding when you talk about motorbikes and design – but we reckon there’s a loving mix of tech and passion that has gone into the making of this special bike. We’d love to see something like it go into production.