BMW E28 M5


For a long time, we held it to be a self-evident truth that the E39 BMW M5 was the greatest super saloon in the the genre’s short but noble history. But lately, we have been a little bit obsessed with the E28 M5: the premier 1984 version of the brand-within-a-brand.

e28rear There’s a simple purity to the details of the E28 M5

The E28 M5 was launched to the public at the Amsterdam Motor Show in February 1984 – and used the same chassis and the previous year’s 535i, and with an evolution of the engine used in the M1 – BMW’s totemic supercar – a 3.5 L straight six.

e28M5Pert, perky and powerful in profile

It lasted in production to 1988 – and only around 2000 units were produced, making it, next to the aforementioned M1, the rarest production BMW in circulation. You’ll be doing well, therefore to get hold of a decent one of these for less than £20K. Bear in mind, as well, that you can pick up an E39 version, which is equally as brilliant technically as this version, for half that.

E25M5sideA Hints of the 635 CSL here, too…

It’s the pert, peakiness of the very simple three box format – the edgy sharkiness of the nose and that upswept tail – that allows the E28 to edge ahead of an undeniably brilliant series of cars that bore the M5 badge. this earlier version too, doesn’t come with the electronic traction control that some folk have found annoying on the E39.

The E28 is about as close to joy as you can get with a german car , we reckon.

MPower to the people…