BMW E9 CSL – 3.0 Coupe


bmw_e9_frontThere’s a late-eighties 5-Series Alpina Touring in green with amazingly unique alloys and cream leather interior that I keep seeing cruising around my hometown. I couldn’t get the car out of my mind. I’d find myself in idle moments wandering into a reverie picturing myself behind the wheel, picking up the kids from school in a rakishly stylish and rapid manner, cruising up to London at 140 before flying off to a board meeting in Cologne….

But, googling around for an example of said tourer the other day, I came across an acreage of images of the CSL. Now I can’t stop thinking about those sleek retro lines, the rakish pillars, the greenhouse of glass and the pert little tail. Now in my daydreams I’m hurtling around the green hell teasing that tail out, listening to Traffic on the factory-installed  eight track, impressing my ice-maiden co-driver with my throttle sensitivity.

I can’t be the only one who daydreams….