Fiat 130


OK, so Tony Soprano drove a Cadillac Escalade 

But back in the old country the early bosses favoured the more understated luxury of the Fiat 130.

This was a car well suited to dual aspect of the old school ‘Don’ himself, mixing natural elegance with power and menace. Those cool, boxy lines of the Pininfarina design were juxtaposed nicely with the getaway power of the 3 litre V6 under the bonnet.


The luxury timber interior with its state-of-the-art fibre optic dials also spoke of legitimate business success without drawing too much attention to the man in the back seat.

In 1970s Italy this was a car that certainly imbued its owner with serious status. Yet it didn’t so much shout it at you, rather it got up close and whispered it in your ear.

It also had a decent sized boot for those who just refused to listen…