Citroën M35


Sometimes it strikes you how innovative Citroën was as a company. The M35 is one of the most striking concepts in a long list of bold vehicle designs.

The M35 was derived from the Ami 8 – and came equipped with a Wankel engine and hydropneumatic suspension.


But it’s that strikingly swept body in the rear three quarters that has us going all strange. The design and production of the body was outsourced to design house Heuliez from 1969 to 1971.

The car was supplied to a select and loyal band of Citroën customers for feedback – and many elements of the car made it into live production models. The Rotary engine, for example, was used in the GS BiRotor – and the seat designs made it to the tasty Citroen SM.

A proper concept, then whose audacious design was to innovate in the real world.