Six of Honda’s Best


Six of Honda’s best
CT-50 Motra (1983)

Though it was designed only for the Japanese market, the Motra was a bold, quirky design that was way ahead of its time in terms of the global thirst for modern minis. Featuring that military style rugged chassis and a unique two stage gearbox (low for offroad, high for the highway), who knows how this might have become part of eighties automotive lore had it been issued in Europe?

Honda S2000 (1999)

Honda’s last mass-production nod to their sporting heritage was built almost entirely from the ground-up using all original parts – to celebrate the company’s half-century — and out of the same meticulous factory responsible for the NSX. This very affordable Boxster-beater was probably the best machine for weekend jaunts around A road roundabouts ever invented. With a naturally aspirated two litre engine you had to rev it hard to get it working, but there have been few more involving drives. Why oh why did they get rid of this beauty?

NSX (1990)

Dreamt up in the tech labs of dormant and passionate Honda F1 squad – then tweaked by the great Ayrton Senna : the NSX is a no-nonsense, technically brilliant long wheel based supercar that now looks coolly retro in an eighties kind of way. Like Duran Duran but much more fun and less pretence.

RC 166 (1966)

Ridden in 1966 to unmatched levels of brilliance by the great Mike Hailwood, the 250 cc sonic rocket rocked six cylinders mediated by a battery of gorgeous trumpets. Considered by many to be the most beautiful racing bike ever to grace a circuit. The RC 166 Made its main competition from MV look clunky and old world. Check the incredible sound.

Honda Insight (Generation One) 1999

As the first mass-produced hybrid to hit America the gen one insight was everything a weird futuristic motor should be. It had cowled wheels, was tapered madly in the rear and featured a 67 Horsepower petrol engine augmented by the electric motor. It was super light and strangely stylish – and the fact that it only had two seats made it feel like a Jetsons-era runabout for the man of the future. By far the best-looking hybrid ever to roll out of a proper factory…


RA 272 (1965)

Richie Ginther piloted Honda’s first GP winner in Mexico 1965. The RA 272 was relatively heavy for its period, but its V12 engine packed around 230 BHP and revved cleanly and serenely up to 14,000. But what’s more, it was staggeringly pretty – and featured a manifold as close to carnal in its aesthetic appeal as it’s possible to be. We particularly dig the championship-white-and-rising-sun combo. As a kid in the early seventies when you dreamt of racing cars, this was what they looked like.


10 Responses to “Six of Honda’s Best”

  1. Mike Parfitt

    No cb 750, no integra r, no fireblade, no 600 – all more worthy than the S2000 IMHO

  2. Vtrsoul

    Not to mention rc30, rc45 or the duke beating wsbk winning rc51.

  3. the honda you all missed

    no honda prelude what a pitty

  4. The Beale

    you can’t igonre the CBR 600 ……. its made two wheels special for thousands!

  5. aircut666

    Wasn’t the Jazz groundbreaking for being the first car with a top speed limited to 35mph?

  6. Lewis Lack

    Honda’s minvans are very well respected across the world – sadly none are sold over here but we imported a Stepwagon and love it!

  7. Bob_bridges

    Just bought one of the last S2000 to replace my VX220 which I can no longer get into with the roof on as my back wont take any more! Hope it gives me as much enjoyment as the little Vauxhall Elise look alike!

  8. Davewhiteley

    what no cb750 0r cb500 fours ??? can’t believe these didn’t make the list