Maserati A6G Zagato


Sometimes a car stops you in its tracks through its sheer beauty. It happened this morning, and we had to share.

This latest aesthetic epiphany occurred in the midst of a discussion about whether or not Zagato had made any truly beautiful cars.

A huge Zagato-ed up Aston Vantage had burbled past at the top of my street – and my colleague had reckoned it was an ugly brute.

If it was a brute, I said, it was a gorgeous hunk of a British matinée idol.

Zagato has a bad rep in some people’s eyes. But I personally think there were a number of purely pretty Zagato designs out there. One look at this Zagato bodied Masser A6G from 1955 – and I think it’s impossible to deny that this is one truly drop-dead gorgeous Z-car. Nothing brutal here.

The curved proportions of the coachwork combined with its laid-back, hunkered down poise get me in the back of the throat. It’s the little details too. Those tiny rear headlamps. The huge Maserati trident on the grille. The minimal brushed steel bumpers and the pertly curved boot! Those Webers! Those wire wheels!

Only a handful of the Zagato-bodied A6Gs remain – one apparently changing hands at auction recently for six figures. Must work harder.

Images via Autoblog



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