Maserati Merak


The Maserati Merak was the result of the Three Pronged trident’s problematic and unlikely collaboration with Citroen.

It was conceived as an ‘entry level’ supercar that could take the Maserati Bora‘s successfully brutal formula, tone it down a bit with Citroen bits and bobs – and make it more accessible to every day people.

Unfortunately during the early to mid seventies Citroen’s finances went to disarray and the plan never really worked out. Still, Mr Giugiaro penned a lithe reinterpretation of the Bora’s lines for the 2+2 setup of the new car – and a quad-cammed V6 was designed to slot in behind the seats.

An SS version was introduced too – to fight off competition from Ferrari’s similarly conceived Dino 308 GT4 – which pushed power to 300HP.
There’s something briliant about these blue collar superstars – and to this day you can pick them up for relatively reasonable prices. The perfect weekend indulgence and passion project we think.