Maserati Ghibli Spyder – Prototype


the automotive manifestation of sunshine

Photos courtesy RM Auctions

It’s been sunny. It’s been miserable. Typical England.

June, contrary to the discourse on summertime here in the northern hemisphere, is very often very wet and grey in these islands.

So it was with the drizzle and the wind clouding our consciousness that we stumbled upon this, the original prototype of the gorgeous Maserati Ghibli Spyder.

It is the automotive manifestation of sunshine.


They only ever made 128 Ghibli Spyders. But not only is this one of the prettiest and rarest cars ever to roll off a production line, this is the very first Ghibli Spyder ever made.

Then esteemed coach builder Ghia (just before it was sold off as a trim line to FORD) revealed the car on its stand in Turin in 1968. When they tore off the sheet it must have made people weep. The Giallo paintwork. The leather in Testa di Moro.

Shock. Awe. Lust.

Who can guess how much this will raise?

But what price sunshine?