Pontiac Firebird


Now we think it’s the first time a pure-bred slice of American brawn has made it on our list of Friday Car Crushes. But we think you’ll agree this oil-black on black bad boy would take a slice out of even the most stony faced Europhiles.

Reminds us of a family that used to live round the corner from us in the mid to late seventies. You know, one of those country and western-obsessed, sprawling families, the head of which was a Lorry driver and rocked the confederate flag in the window and whose front yard was permanently littered with cars an motorbikes in various stages of repair.

Tony was the youngest boy of the family – a sometime bullyish, sometimes vulnerable kid who never ate his greens and whose older sisters were scarily unaccessible and exotic. One day the old man pulled up outside school with one of these babies – not nearly as slick and crsip as this custom job…but about seven of us piled in the back and were taken for the ride of our lives – to the far roundabout on the A-road and back.

Some small seed was planted around that time, some sort of elegiac ache for big, noisy cars that I reckon will stick around in our souls for the rest of our lives.

Well, that’s enough nostalgia. Happy friday and enjoy these killer pics…





One Response to “Pontiac Firebird”

  1. vipertruck99

    ..say what you like.that thing is beautiful,always liked the 79-81 quad lamped turbo trans am,but this is a winner always liked the bullnose firebirds,especially with ram air,however they were mostly seen in primary colours with a white stripes.remember trans am name comes from a race series were 911s and bmws and various europeans only had limited success..properly sorted muscle is nothing to be sniffed at.read an article online a few years back where one of the american mags re examined the 0-60 and 1/4 miles of a few factory standard muscles,but with modern tyres.almost all shaved whole seconds or more off all the figures…imagine what you could do with an blank cheque,suspension,brakes and the ability to make 1000+ horses without forced induction.