Porsche 356


It was stumbling across this beautifully detailed cutaway this week (below) that inspired our current romance for Porsche’s first born.

Nay-sayers who claim that the original apple of Ferry’s eye is a Beetle with delusions of grandeur may have a point – but it’s the lovely attention to detail in the 356 that inspires us.

There’s something, too, about the spartan mechanicity of the car – conceived as it was at a time of extreme post-war austerity, that chimes with today’s times.

We believe we can detect a cheeky wink of a rebel heart clothed in the garb of a dutiful conformist in the 356 – particularly the clean, early examples. And that makes us smile.

The interior detailing is as reflective of everything good about Porsche as that of the overall fluid integrity of the exterior’s lines.

Click a couple of times on this illustration to see what we mean.