Singer Porsche 911


Ok, so you’ve probably heard the deal.

You buy an early 90’s 911 but are not quite sure it’s giving you the required style you thought you were buying into. It hasn’t got that hollowed out, race-bred leftism that your favourite, early seventies 911 classics came to the table with.

All you have to do is hand it over to Singer.

They will create something gobsmackingly, darn right beautiful like this. We’re not sure how much it’ll cost you (probably an arm and a leg) but god will it be worth it.

We stumbled across this set of pictures at one of our favourite online haunts A TIME TO GET but go to the SINGER SITE for the inside track on exactly what these guys do for a living.

It might not be original, but my word is it lovely. There’s me and my mind drive for the weekend sorted, then….