Bud Ekins: King of California

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"He embodied Californian car and bike culture.  He jumped the fence in The Great Escape. He employed Evel Knievel. He invented the Baja 1000. He drove the Mustang in Bullitt’s chase.He taught Steve McQueen how to ride fast. Bud "

California Light

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"There's something about the light in California.  No matter what the time of day, it seems as if the roads, the desert and the ocean beckon you. The place doesn't exist, at least in our minds, without internal combustion. Whether "

Harley Davidson XLCR 1000


"We've never been Harley Heads here at Influx towers. That thumping noise. That vibration. That rough build quality. But of late we've been perving over Harley's vaguely caffed-out seventies lowrider the XLCR 1000. Nods to cafe racer styling aside, it was "

Honda Motocompo

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"Here's something that was lost to my cultural memory. Until a few moments ago. I was a madness obsessive. And the proud and illegal owner of a moped. When the two came together in the early eighties, I didn't even "

Yamaha Yard Built


"It's been well-documented that the mainstream bike industry have been looking to the custom scene for a while now for ideas. Thing is, Yamaha's 'yard-built' programme has been out there and supporting small builders and helping to produce really attractive "

How to Create a Desert Sled


"The Desert Sled. Three little words that evoke romance in many a motorcyclist's mind. You can't help but picture golden California sunsets, freedom, sex, love and Bud Ekins. But how do you get your bog-standard Triumph Bonneville into the right "

Dirt Quake IV is HERE!

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"In case you hadn't noticed, there's a lot to be said for the simple joy of racing a motorbike around an oval dirt track. While the noble sport of speedway may be the root of these things, the shale is "

Speedway Star!

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"What do you think is the ongoing appeal of speedway as a motorsport? The speed and the danger aspect are ever-present as part of its appeal, but one of the sport’s greatest assets is being able to see the "

The Anatomy of a Speedway Bike


"Simplicity is extremely difficult to achieve. While the apparent straightforwardness of the oval is one of speedway’s key appeals there are a raft of mechanical subtleties on a speedway bike that help achieve the zen like flow of the "

Gallery: The Art of Speedway


"Speedway’s history reaches way back to a time when there were no computers, no electronic timings, no million dollar sponsorship deals and no TV coverage. Still, this stripped down sport of working class heroes produced a noble visual culture. "

Speedway Timeline


"Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. The Adrian Flux FIM British Speedway Grand Prix. The place is packed to the rafters. It’s clear to see that speedway today has a large and loyal following. And why not? What’s not to like? "