The Day Of Reckoning


"When the court usher said ‘I’d just like to make you aware you face disqualification today.’ I could feel the blood drain from my face like gin from an optic. This wasn’t the time, or place to blurt ‘"

Hells Angels by Hunter Thompson

People Culture

" "The hard core, the outlaw elite, were the Hell’s Angels… wearing the winged death’s-head on the back of their sleeveless jackets and packing their ‘mamas’ behind them on big ‘chopped hogs.’ They rode with a fine unwashed arrogance, "

AMG and Mercedes, Fashion and Function

Cars Culture

" There's nothing new in the fashion world working closely with car manufacturers. From the earliest days of the twentieth century the transient aesthetic of beauty has been used to sell cars, and cars have continually been used to sell clothes "

2010 Dakar Rally (Displaced)

Cars Culture

" The Christmas and New Year period means a lot of different things to many different people. But for a bunch of offroading lunatics in every automotive genre, it means a couple of weeks of hard toil, sickening adrenalin rushes and "

Audi A8: No Escape From the Grid

Cars Culture

" Of the future is by definition uncertain, one thing that is going to happen in 2010 is that the all encompassing rach of the World Wide Web with slither its silicone fingers into your motor. And who else but Audi to "

How to Look Cool in a Car…

Cars Culture

" It's hard to refute the assertion that Jean Paul Belmondo looked damn cool in Jean Luc Godard's 1965 road movie Pierrot Le Fou. The film is is one of those obscure but influential pieces of New Wave cinema that is scarcely "

Art Car Parades


" More reasons to believe that cars are not only works of art in themselves, but a legitimate subject for artists who might normally not give a hoot about the beauty of industrially-wrought movement. Walk the Plank’s illuminated Art Car "

Try This At Home!


" It's not beyond the ken of reason to expect that many of you reading this are fully inflused with the digital revoluion. petrolheads as well as extreme sportsers of every hue have long sought a way to capture in moving "

24 Hours of LeMons

Cars Culture

" In the western states of America, with more space and cheaper fuel than the rest of us, a bunch of good old boys have been carrying on a nice little alternative endurance series that owes more to banger and stock "

The Art of Shusei Nagaoka

People Culture

" Remember orchestral disco music? Remember prog rock? Well, if not, let me clue you up. Both of these much-maligned forms was characterised by the wearing of outrageous costumes, the rocking of over-long solos and excessive hairdos. That, and a strange "

Un-Virtual Driving Reality


" OK, we know that culture is awash with all things retro. It seems that anything vaguely 'eighties' is acceptable once again. But, from the wackier edges of car and game culture comes this proposal that takes the virtual out of "

New Book on the Cult of Café Racer

Bikes Culture

" Of all the publishing houses dedicated to culture of cars and bikes, Veloce is surely the most prolific. This time, they've come up with something no bike obsessive and consumer of culture will be able to resist. Alastair Walker's book "