Film Photography for Cars and Bikes. Analogue Eye Candy


The glossy car magazines are awash with too perfect images. The super hi-def imagery that accompanies every automotive launch, editorial story, and TV slot leaves too little mystery. Digital renderings make even the most workaday motors seem supremely slick, technologically exact issues – as if conceived from the circuit boards of robots rather than the hearts and minds of men.

So, when we stumble upon imagery like this, which is conceived by the quickly-disappearing method of light falling on film and then its transference to paper (before being digitally scanned, pixelated and uploaded on the wide world web of course) – we are stopped in our tracks.

Take some time and look at these pictures. They are like still from an automotive dream. Stay tuned for more analogue galleries.



3 Responses to “Film Photography for Cars and Bikes. Analogue Eye Candy”

  1. My favorites: The first two.

    I imagine buddies driving out into the boonies in their Dodge to toss the car around on dirt. After nearly lifting off over the train crossing, someone had the great idea to get out with the camera and charge the driver to “Do it again” for a photoshoot.

    The second picture is pretty slick too. Number on the door, sideways on dirt, suggests rally. Old school, low tech, no holds barred rally. LOVE IT.

  2. Vespamore

    I’ve recently started a website/blog for my 35mm film photography service, where I offer to take film shots of interested persons classic vehicles. Why film – because I reckon classic vehicles look so much better taken with 35mm film …

    Cheers – Paul Hart Vespamore photography)

  3. Kathy Hunt

    Wow, this is great to have an homage to film photographers like this! As one myself, I enjoy shooting cars and am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for the article!

    Kathy Hunt