An Italian Obsession in The Garden of England


“People just like 500s. We drove down to Italy for the 500’s anniversary _ everyone was smiling and waving”

What is it that makes Italian cars so special? Liz Seabrook asked the question at the Italian Car Picnic at Honnington Gardens.







1 John Day: 2002 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA V6
“I like Italian cars because they keep you on the edge…there’s always the risk that they might breakdown.”David Muriel and his 1969 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior Zagato

“Italian cars have soul…But the Zagato is not the car for an old man with a bad back.”

2 John Jenkins and his 1972 Fiat 500
“I like the fact that Italian designers break the rules, like Alfa Romeo choosing to put the registration plate to the left and not central.”

3 Ignazio Maniscalchi: Lamborghini Diablo (kit car)
“I’m from Sicily, I’m not patriotic but everything Italian is beautiful.”

4 Giovanni: 1972 Alpha Romeo Bertone 2000 GTB (aka Giulia coupe) 105 model
“My favourite Italian cars are reliable ones; the problematic ones were sold to my customers.”

5 Stuart Palmer & son and their 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
“My wife had a Fiat uno as her first car, she used to pick me up, but there was nowhere to sit because the dogs had eaten the seats!”

6 Simon Lavis and his 1986 Ferrari 412
“The 412 is a nice comfortable car. En route to a car event everyone falls asleep until other Ferraris drive past and beep their horns!”