Aston Martin x Zagato


2012: V12 Zagato All Images Zagato

The V12 Zagato is just the latest in a long line of collaborations between the house of Zagato and Aston Martin. The V12 is a snarlingly exotic but beautifully coherent design that perfectly blends the philosophies of its parents. Stainless steel exhausts, forged lightwight alloys and the distinctive flowing blends of the coachwork make this ‘ring- tweaked monster one of the greatest Zagato penned cars ever produced. Limited numbers will guarantee its resonance too.

2002: DB7 Zagato

For me this was an example of Aston Martin trying to guild a very beautiful lily. But what a success! Just 99 of these green beauties were made, with that signature Zagato ‘double bubble’ roof line and sculptured rear window. Unique interiors, tail lights and alloys made the perfectly proportioned DB7 design sing. That bulbous grille gulps air and accentuates the base – making this production car look fit for endurance racing right out the box.

1986: AM V8 Vantage Zagato.

The burly English officer here gets the Z-treatment, rounding off the edges and launching what was a rather lumpen Aston martin into the rare supercar stratosphere. Caused much ambivalence when launched in the mid Eighties at geneva, around fifty were actually produced and immediately soared in price in resale value. The convertible is even more rare, and doesn’t retain the coherence of the coupé’s design. Still, a great example of how juxtaposition of design philosophies can sometimes produce bracing results.

1960: DB4 GT Zagato.

The first Z-Aston collaboration was shunted around by racers like Stirling Moss. It was super light and super quick, with perspex and aliminium replacing the glass and steel of the rump DB4. We reckon the Zagato design inspired the more flowing design of all subsequent Aston Martin cars. With only 20 ever having been produced the price of these cars is now well into seven figures – a real piece of design and racing history.