Ferrari 308 GTB


pictures: influx/Michael Fordham

In these days of brilliantly rendered, superbly realised Maranello supercars, it’s somehow easy to forget that the prancing horse offered some beautiful, flawed classics before the Fiat corporation took full ownership of the brand of automotive brands.

Stumbling across the other day what must be one of the most immaculate, factory fresh Ferrari 308s, you can remember why you loved Ferraris in the first place.

Forget about Magnum PI cruising around in his 308 in Oahu: this amazingly clean, thirty year old berlinetta was parked unassumingly on a street in the heart of Holborn. We assume that its owner doesn’t actually use this thing every day in London: it certainly showed no signs of even the most light molestation.

Anyway, whoever you are, dear owner, Bravo! When you look at the car in this sort of trim the lovely simplicity of Ferraris of the 1980s shines through. It’s friday, we’re in love.

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