GG Quadster – Quad of Quads


If you thought the Swiss were only good for watches and triangular chocolate, then you might want to brace yourself before you take a look at the Grueter & Gut Quadster.

This quad bike is, unbelievably, completely street legal, despite the fact that its top speed is 145mph and it will out-accelerate many sports cars. Powered by the engine from a BMW K1200S bike, the precision engineering and race spec parts help it live up to its £35,000 price tag, but the result may well be the ultimate quad.

Here’s the video we took making the article for the magazine, along with the photos that we didn’t have space for and some behind the scenes shots.

These photos are shown in tribute to Simon Dodd, the photographer, whose tragic death was a great shock to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Simon’s family and friends at this difficult time.


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  1. paul ballinger

    hi where can i buy a gg quadster thanks paul