July Calendar Car – Lotus


Our July calendar car and the star behind it...

Throughout July, lucky owners of a 2019 Influx Calendar enjoyed this incredibly rare Series 1 Elise 190, with a carbon-fibre body. The car was arranged by Elisa Artioli herself, as she came over to the UK to help us with the calendar shoot as well as enjoy a trip down memory Lane at the nearby Hethel test track.

We spoke to Elisa about her own car, a silver S1, as well as our calendar star:

“I’ve owned my Elise 22 years now – the one in the calendar has been borrowed to me for the photoshoot since mine was in Italy at the time!

Elisa Artioli now

“For the ones who don’t know, I am the lucky girl the car was named after. In 1995 at the Frankfurt Motorshow. I was standing in the car and waiting to be unveiled with her. My grandfather after the presentation decided to gift me a silver Elise for the good work I did at the young age of 2 and a half years. Since that day even if I didn’t realized what big heritage this meant, my life changed.

“Growing up with the belief that my name was Lotus Elise, I kept waiting the day I could finally drive my Elise. Since that day I cannot imagine my life without her.”