Influx Calendar – February

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The star of February 2019 is this Aston Martin V8 Vantage

In November 2018 we launched our 2019 Influx calendar – an exclusive look at some iconic car designs for those who attended the show. 

February 2019 sees the beautiful Aston Martin V8 Vantage our walls, a car chosen as a true icon of vehicle design.

The owner, Paul, told us more about this example:

“I have always wanted an Aston Martin Vantage since I first set eyes on images Aston Martin released in various magazines back around 2004/2005. I feel the Vantage has aged so well and the added appeal is going to Le Mans year in and year out, seeing this old girl outperform newer cars and winning its class in its final outing. When my dad passed away in early 2018 I decided, you can’t take anything for granted, so bought my dream car.

“This car was originally bought from Aston Martin Mayfair back in 2006 and lived a lot of its early life in France. To this day no one knows exactly what exterior paint colour this car is, occasionally looking grey, brown and in some light a shade of olive. I enjoy how mechanical this car is to drive, back to basic feel with enough creature comforts to be a comfortable cruiser on longer journeys. Plenty of other similarly priced cars are faster and more refined but none really appeal quite like the Vantage.

“If I were to swap with any other car in the Calendar it would have to be the La Ferrari.”

Fancy getting a hold of a calendar? Keep an eye out for us at shows. Want a 2020 calendar? Look out for news towards the end of this year.

Aston Martin Calendar pic