Hunter S Thompson’s Dying Dream


" I dreamed last night of bats screeching and red Chevy convertibles. And today I have the work of Hunter S Thompson on the brain. Perhaps it is all this talk of government subsidy for electric vehicles. Perhaps it is the "

Insignia VXR: Everyman Bad Boy


" Packing the power of 325 horses, a clever four-wheel drive transmission and chassis and a sub-six second 0-60 time. Vauxhall’s new Insignia VXR is set to take lovers of everyman beefcake salivating. First reports from GM's press office tell us "

Porsche Poster Art

Cars Culture

" Somewhere out there is a world where speed is just speed and cars are just cars. But I don't live in a world where that is true. Sometimes here at Influx towers we can twist ourselves into contortions trying to "

Mitsubishi MiEv Sport: Neon Redux


" In 1982, when the World Wide Web, Google Analytics and ubiquitous personal pixelage was just a glimmer in a handful of geeks' fluoro Wayfarers a film maker called Steve Lisberger imagined a world called Tron. The film, in which Jeff Bridges "

Nissan 370Z Roadster: A Beauty From the Orient


" With the ongoing debate here on the merits and aesthetics of Nissan's Skyline , we couldn't ignore the company's latest release. Whatever you think generally of the look, feel and performance of cars from Japan, if you've got a sense of "

Abarth: a legendary brand turns sixty


" The Abarth badge, all Scorpions, proletarian pomp and red stripes, is sixty this year. Having found new life in the tuned version of Fiat's Giugiaro-penned Grande Punto and the coolest little kid on the block the 500, we thought it about "

Alfa Canguro: The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made?


" Beauty is a difficult thing to define. It's a cliché to say that it resides in the perception of the observer. Anyone with an aesthetic atom in their being knows that the non-relative, objective, obviously apparent kind of beauty truly "

Influx Social

Riotous Rides


"Anyone who happened to be in the city of London on the much hyped 'financial fools day' this week, may have noticed, in the gathering throng of demonstrators, onlooking construction workers and suits in strategic mufti, that the Metropolitan Police "

The E-Type: campest or coolest?


" Of all the cars of the sixties that have been transformed into icons thanks to the long lens of Nostalgia, the E-Type Jag is surely one of the coolest. Sure, the Mini gave flight to the dreams of the swinging "

Vincent, Hunter and Ruby


" We all know that full face helmets are useful in a number of ways. Not only can they expose ones sculptural features to full view of the peeps on the side of the road as your growl past them, V-Twin "

Dreams of the Perfect Microbus

Cars Culture

" When VW introduced their Microbus concept at the geneva show of 2001, there were ripples of excitement through the bus-loving universe. The VW transporter series, which evolved from utilitarian wagon for the post war impoverished, through to icon of hippie and "

Prodrive Subaru: a gauntlet thrown


" When Subaru launched their first mass produced Kei-car the 360 in 1958, little would the company's sararimen have believed that half a century one they would preside over one of the true talismans of enthusiastic driving all over the world. The 365 cc-engined, "

Cassavetes, Alfas and Cool

Cars People

" Sometimes there is a strange serendipity to things. I recently came across strange and rough-round-the edges movie ‘Violent Four’, which was known variously as ‘Bandits in Rome’ and ‘Rome Like Chicago’. I am a sucker for gangster movies and I "



" Japan’s final victory in its long campaign to dominate the global car industry only came last year. General Motors had been the world’s biggest carmaker for 75 years, and last year celebrated its centenary. Toyota’s birthday gift to "

Cranky Genius: 2009 Yamaha R1


"Japanese invention of the year: Yamaha’s cross-plane crankshaft Bang 270º bang 180º bang 90º bang 180º If Japan has been known for one thing when it comes to cars and motorbikes, it is innovation. This year, Yamaha’s cross-plane crank engine, which appears "