June Calendar Car – Alpine


"Lucky recipients of a 2019 Influx calendar enjoyed thirty days of this blue beauty - here's a bit more information about this particular Alpine A110 from the owner himself:  "The car is a sought-after original Alpine A110 1600s from 1971, built in "

Portofino – Highland Fling


"Does any name capture the romance of driving a classic GT car better than Portofino? Not only is it a deliciously Italian word to pronounce – gliding down the tongue like a fresh scoop of gelato – but the title of Ferrari’"



"Very few people can claim to have owned a road-legal spaceship. As it happens, I'm one of them. Okay, okay, it wasn't really a spaceship, though it definitely had an otherworldly air to its appearance. And it did produce occasional "

Twilight over the Humber


"On the back of a quiet industrial estate in Hull, you can find treasure. There, lying dormant in a large warehouse lie more than 20 classic cars, cars that were constructed to be the very best machines of their day. Cars "

All the Fun of the Fare


"The Mini. The Routemaster bus. Ten years ago, Royal Mail released a set of ten British design classic stamps. Along with the pair of four-wheeled idols were the deities of the skies, Concorde and the Spitfire. But one British transport "

A Pye for design

Cars Bikes People Culture

"We couldn't help but chat bikes when we spoke to Mal Pye about his art, and it turns out he's a true motor fan, so we ended up ogling his four-wheeled work too. Influx: Hi Mal. Why cars and bikes? "

Indian Scout Bobber


"Indian Motorcycles are a legend amongst the biking fraternity and held in high esteem. The modern motorcycles they are now producing maintain the history of the company and have become as desirable as their predecessors. Before I talk about the "

Classic Motorbike Auction – Bonhams


"An enthusiast’s dream. A collector’s dream. 400 unique motorcycles in one place, and a chance to take home a little piece of history. Staffordshire Showground held this year’s International Classic Motorcycle Show where Bonhams were exhibiting their largest "

Influx Social

The Rules


"We've come together to set out some guidelines - The Rules - that drivers really need to stick to. They aren't official nor legally-binding, they have nothing to do with our bosses nor parent company and (let's be honest) they "

Flat out in Hyundai’s R5 rally car

Cars People

"Forget Formula 1, with its narcolepsy-inducing races and prima donna drivers. For pure, undiluted motorsport, rallying remains the king. Real roads, brutally fast cars and an almost infinite range of conditions make it a very different challenge to the sterile world "

Hillclimb Monsters


"Let’s start with the shock and awe. Del Quigley slips behind the wheel of a single seat racer and rips from a standstill to 160mph. 740 bhp kicks from an oversized V8 and throws 450kg down the runway. The data "

Moped Mayhem


"Motocross (or Scrambling as it was originally known in the UK), has been around for as long as there have been motorcycles. Bikers stripped down their road machines, cut grooves in the tyres and took the bikes off-road, scrambling around "

Helmet painting – Rennat Design

Cars Bikes Culture

"This time around we’re featuring helmets – and these safety devices are more than just practical, they’re art. More than that, for a professional race driver or rider they’re also their trademarks – their identities whilst their faces are "

2019 Indy 500


"How hard can it be to drive in circles for 500 miles? Ask two-time F1 world champion and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Fernando Alonso. Oh, that’s right. You can’t. Because he didn’t even qualify to race. [caption id="" "

The Lid: Style and Substance


"Bike culture has rebel roots. But in most corners of the planet, you have to wear a lid by law. It’s a no-brainer, really. Unless you intend to be a no brainer. All you need to ride a motorcycle "



"As an increasingly old git I look back on my life with a sense of ‘why did I do that?’ bafflement. These thoughts range from foot-in-mouth social encounters that still make me blush to some of the cars I’ve "