Classic Motorbike Auction – Bonhams


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An enthusiast’s dream. A collector’s dream. 400 unique motorcycles in one place, and a chance to take home a little piece of history.

Staffordshire Showground held this year’s International Classic Motorcycle Show where Bonhams were exhibiting their largest motorcycle auction to date. Many machines were estimated to sell for as little at £1500. Others, however, commanded an estimate of close to £180,000. The 1926 Brough Superior 986CC SS100 Alpine Grand Sports comes into this bracket.

Hoards of motorcycle lovers from all over the world come to see what is on offer at the event and many will go home with a new vehicle or a new item to add to their collection. Many of these motorcycles are however much more than that. They have been owned by celebrities, raced in motorsport championships and ridden by people who most likely played their part in WW2. They are a piece of history in their own right and many have been meticulously cared for, as they rightly deserve to be.

One thing that really stands out is the sheer enthusiasm everyone had for these bikes. Many people snapped away with cameras trying to capture what they could of these rare and valuable motorcycles. They command a huge amount of respect and attention.

Some had a well thought out plan as to which bikes to go for and how much they would bid. Others seemed to bid continuously and refused to be beaten. There was even a half hour spell where the same duo repeatedly went toe to toe. It was not only extremely fascinating for motorcycle enthusiasts, but for everyone involved.

A true spectacle and coming together of classic motorcycles and the people who adore them.