Alex Brundle – Driving to Brands Hatch with Le Mans Coupes

Le Mans

Join Alex Brundle as he travels in style in this beautiful Le Mans Coups GT40 to Brands Hatch for the Masters Historic Festival.

Based on the Mark 1 chassis with 500 brake horsepower, the GT40 is accurate to the original with some added mod-cons including air conditioning and fan cooling by Oliver Hulme and the team at Le Mans Coupes. The GT40 cost around $30m when it was first created, which equates to around a $1bn in todays money.

Hulme and his team restore some amazing classics including the GT40 and the Daytona Cobra, which brings a variety of clients asking for the remakes. “Originally when we did the Daytona Cobra we thought we’d sell loads and do two or three GT40’s. We’ve now sold 55 GT40’s, both as road cars and as FIA race cars” Hulme from Le Mans Coupes explained. 

“We sell to either young people who have been really successul in business or banking, or whatever it might be, and who want a car that’s a bit differen. And these cars have a lot of soul, there’s a bit more character to them. Or we sell them to people who saw them race in their period, who either have a collection of cars or they want a specific car.

“However the majority of our clients are around middle aged and they have the connection from the period of the car growing up. The fact of the matter is they’re such iconic cars. Our cars are literally recreations or continuations of those cars.” 

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