Ash Sutton and Senna Proctor v ‘Mini Ash’ and ‘Mini Senna’

When Adrian Flux Insurance invited its two BTCC drivers to the factory for a challenge, they didn’t have a clue what to expect…

2017 BTCC Champion Ash Sutton and teammate Senna Proctor were told to find their way down to the BMR Racing headquarters one afternoon, a few days after a very eventful Snetterton race weekend. They knew they needed to bring their race suits – but what they didn’t know was that they needed to bring their ‘A’ game too, as there was a competitive element to proceedings.

James Bell and Josh Patch

That morning, we had given karting hotshots James Bell and Josh Patch the chance to hone their skills on the BMR simulator, racing around the Brands Hatch Indy circuit and perfecting their lap times.

They were each presented with a replica race suit and naturally took on the roles of ‘Mini Ash’ (James Bell) and ‘Mini Senna’ (Josh Patch).

James Bell Mini Ash
Josh Patch Mini Senna

Both are incredibly fast on the track and took to the racing simulator like professionals, mastering the Brands Hatch Indy circuit with ease – after we’d dramatically changed the position of the steering wheel and pedals, of course.

After securing a decent lap time, we then hid the young guys away.

After lunch, we welcomed the real Ash Sutton and Senna Proctor and set them a challenge but we didn’t tell them the whole truth…

Who was quickest? How did we make life even more difficult for the two professionals? And who was desperate to have another go?

Check out the video at the top of this page to see Ash Sutton and Senna Proctor v Mini Ash and Mini Senna, and maybe you can decide who gave the best performance.

Keep an eye out for more from Mini Ash and Mini Senna, they may even be found in the BTCC paddock during the season.

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