Rebuilding a 1965 Ford Mustang with Alex Brundle: part 2


Earlier this year, we tasked Alex Brundle with rebuilding a 1965 Ford Mustang to make it race ready. With the help of Pearsons Engineering, Alex and the team are providing a dramatic rebuild of this classic car. 

In the second part of our video series, Alex and the team are in a slight frenzy due to their new engine arriving a month late. Thankfully, there is good news as they are able to add the gearbox and a temporary exhaust to the car, and they are able to adjust the suspension before the car has power. 

Alex took on the task of making this classic car race ready after buying what was essentially a shell and admits he had underestimated how long it would take to repair one of Ford’s most iconic models. 

Without the help and expertise of Pearsons Engineering, Alex knows he would never be able to get the car in the right shape ahead of its first track run as he exclaims: “I know a lot less about cars than I thought!

“The people who do this professionally, do this professionally for a reason because they’re very, very good at it. The respect I have for these guys has amplified even more than it originally was. Realistically I’ve realised you can’t do this part-time. 

“I’m just nowhere near where I’d need to be to build one of these things on my own.”

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