How Team BRIT racing continue to change lives both on and off the track


We sat down with some of Team BRIT’s drivers to discuss what got them into racing and how they managed to overcome adversity to reach their dreams. 

All sportsmen and women overcome trials and tribulations in order to reach their dreams of becoming successful, and Team BRIT’s drivers are no strangers to this. As the UK’s first and only all-disabled racing team their eight drivers have overcome more odds than most. 

But it’s not just those they are racing against who they have inspired, but fans across three different championships, including young fans who have similar disabilities, as detailed in the video below: 

Who is Team BRIT?

Having launched with just one car and two drivers in 2015, Team BRIT are the UK’s first and only all-disabled racing team. They will enter four cars across three championships this year, providing opportunities for eight disabled racing drivers, including in the prestigious British GT Championship.

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