The greatest races you’ve never heard of

Adrian Flux Insurance Services discusses some of the coolest races on the planet you might never have heard of.

Let’s begin in the sprawling modern metropolis of Dubai. The race? 24Hour Dubai. Aimed to test drivers’ endurance to new extremes, this highly revved spectacle runs throughout the day and night, and most of its proceedings go towards cancer research. Fast cars dart through its impressively slick track circuit while the spectacular skyline of the city looms behind. Check out this classy video of last year’s event.

So why is this race relatively unknown? It hasn’t had time to dip into the global headlight. Soon enough 24Hour Dubai should be huge. At the very least, a rival to France’s longer-standing endurance race, Le Mans.

You may have heard of Banger racing, but it hardly begins to scrape the recognition of, say, Formula One. Yes, it’s a bit of fun not to be taken too seriously, but it’s also innovative and relevant to our age of recycling. It may be “frowned upon by the purists”. The Bangers themselves are made of old cars and bits of scrap metal, and the races take place in small stadiums and arena circuits. These adrenalin-fuelled episodes of mayhem encourage full contact. See for more information. lists some of the top venues to see the action.

Despite being popular, Banger racing still feels like a cult thing. While it is loved by many, (sites like are dedicated to its fan forums alone) and often well attended, it’s rarely broadcast on universal TV channels.

Monster Truck Racing is something we often hear of, but rarely see. Monster Truck Nationals is the UK’s main showcase of this extreme motor racing sport. These towering giants have over 1000 brake horsepower and the way they launch into the air from a jump is breathtaking. Why do we not hear about them more often?

Eco-friendly racing is hardly subject to the great forgotten race syndrome because it doesn’t really exist. This doesn’t mean that it can’t. Be it the electronically powered Green Gt from Switzerland, or Warwick University’s Chocolate fuelled racing car, greenness on four fast wheels is looking more possible than ever before. A form of racing that doesn’t hurt the environment but maintains the speed and adrenaline to rival not only Banger racing, but Formula One? Just don’t tell Jeremy Clarkson.

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