Tyrone Mathurin: The racing driver who cheated death after damaging his spinal cord

There was a time when Tyrone Mathurin thought he would never feel an adrenaline rush again after the  motorcycle accident that saw him tear four nerves from his spinal cord. 

The injury, sustained in 2005 after riding over an obscured pothole, led to him being in a coma for a week after doctors discovered a hematoma putting pressure onto his vertebrae. He awoke from an induced coma, paralysed from head to toe, and spent seven months on a hospital bed, slowly gaining slight movement in his limbs.

He has since gone on to learn how to adapt to his new situation, but still has weakness in his right leg as well no movement in his right hip – and no feeling from his right hand to his right elbow.

“I had a motorcycle accident and had a brachial plexus injury,” explains Mathurin. 

“I tore the nerves from my spinal cord. Having a disability means you’re always challenged, you’re always pushing to prove yourself, it drives you on with determination to prove yourself every minute.” 

After his accident Mathurin was looking for a new way of achieving the thrill he used to get from riding bikes.

“It was just seeing my mates riding again and just feeling that passion again like ‘I wanna get back on the bike’ but the next best thing was quad bikes, four wheels that’s a bit easier,” he said. 

“I thought ‘okay I can get the hand controls moved from the right to the left’ because I’m left handed now.  

“I came across a demonstration video of Team BRIT explaining the hand controls. So initially I got in touch with the team principal in an email and he replied back with ‘do you want to race? How about racing?’ 

“I was like ‘how about racing?’ So I took the chance and I was like ‘yeah let’s go.’ I felt initially it was wanting to get that adrenaline rush again, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do (race professionally). 

“I never thought I could do it, but it was something I wanted to do from a young age. Where I come from it’s not something that’s widely done, it was just something that was like a fantasy.” 

Mathurin, from Battersea, joined Team BRIT in 2021 and is now a fully fledged member of the racing team. 

Having driven the BMW 118 in the Britcar Championship in 2022 alongside Paul Fullick, he is competing in this year’s competition racing their BMW M240i.

Who are Team BRIT?

Team BRIT are the UK’s first and only all-disabled racing team. 

Launched in 2015 with just one car and two drivers, the team now compete in three championships, providing opportunities for eight disabled racing drivers in some of the UK’s most prestigious disciplines including the British GT Championship.

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