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Inside the LMC MKII with Le Mans Coupes

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October 11, 2022
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When you think of classic racing cars, you may think of the Ferrari 125 or the Porsche 917, but one vehicle that is constantly overlooked is the LMC MKII, despite its historical lineage. 

But the people at Le Mans Coupes are shining a light on this once-forgotten classic racing car once again with their restoration project of the LMC MKII. The company, which was founded in 2003, takes old cars and fully restores them to their original specifications. 

Their portfolio includes some of the world’s most desirable classic vehicles, including a Shelby Daytona Cobra and a Corvette Grand Sport. In the video below, Adrian Flux caught up with Le Mans Coupes owner Oliver Hulme, who shares the story of how the restoration of the LMC MKII happened. 

Restoring an LMC MKII

“Anything that brings you back to the love of driving I’m for. If it’s loud and V8 powered then even better!” Explains Oliver Hulme, who worked on this incredible restoration. 

“This LMC MKII is the latest demonstration from our range of cars, Nigel Hulme (founder of Le Mans Coupes) owned a very famous Cobra back in the day, 39PH, which was first in class and seventh overall in the Le Mans race back in 1963. 

“It’s famous for the black flag race where ‘Gentleman’ Jack Sears was racing many big contemporary drivers of the time, like Sir Jackie Stewart for example in the Jaguar E-Type. He got black-flagged and had to come into the pits and Jackie Stewart lapped him and went on to get the red-mist, zoom round Brands Hatch at an incredible pace and won, so it’s an exceedingly famous Cobra, probably the most famous Cobra there ever was.

“So when we started doing the MKIIs, we said we’ve got to do an ode to 39PH because Nigel owned it for 35-plus years and sold it to start this business, so it has a real connection with what we do. 

“The car is accurate to the original FIA car, so it’s a 289 with the FIA body, meaning it’s the wider, more aggressive body that was used for race cars.

“It’s such an iconic car in the motoring world. I don’t think there’s a better sound in the world than a V8 on full chat, it’s just the best noise in the world.” 

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