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Car Custodians:
Inside a bespoke Lotus Elan with car custodian Roger Makhlouf

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November 15, 2022
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What’s better than owning a classic car? Perhaps owning a bespoke classic car that you helped to create over 20 years ago. 

That’s exactly what Roger Makhlouf did when he stumbled across this beautiful Lotus Elan, a brand he has loved since he was a child. This bespoke Elan was commissioned by Makhlouf over 20 years ago and has been his family car ever since.

“I was a mad keen Lotus guy,” explains Makhlouf as he sits in front of his wonderful vehicle. “I’d been driving Lotus cars for over 20 years, most of them were Plus 2s. I remember seeing one at Brands Hatch in a book in 1972, and that gave me the idea. I wish I could say it was an original idea for my car, but it wasn’t. 

“The first time I saw a Lotus I would’ve been about 10-years-old and it was just so amazing and so different to anything else on the road at that time. The fact they were winning Grand Prix’s probably helped with my fascination for them. 

“It’s a unique car that I have, so I make no apology that I’ve changed various items. I was involved in the process every step of the way.” 

What is so special about classic cars?

“For me with classic cars, there’s a great deal of history in the cars themselves, not just this Mk but all Mk’s and there is a great deal of individual design.” Makhlouf passionately tells us. 

“I just feel the cars of today, especially the modern electric cars, don’t actually have an independent design. They virtually all look the same. When you think of all the great 1960s and 1970s designs that you probably had on a poster in your bedroom and then compare to today, it seems to be far fewer in numbers than they were back then.”

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