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Only fools and horses

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August 18, 2006
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As the title suggests, Friday 11th August was that day in the year when all the staff who have worked for Adrian Flux for at least 10 years have a free jolly up to Newmarket Races. Here is PDA’s report on the proceedings.

We all boarded the coach and set off, the true pros amongst us frantically combing the pages of the Racing Post for a 33/1 dead cert while Elliot frantically battled green monsters on his Gameboy. We finally arrived after a torturous hour and a half of listening to the coach radio.

Once into the racecourse it was full steam ahead to the bar, well apart from the women who, having been on a coach for 90 minutes, now needed to queue for the toilet so they could check their hair, lipstick, mascara, perfume, clothing and get re-assurance that their arse didn’t look big in what they were wearing.

Not prone to such bouts of vanity the lads were already eying up their glasses of cold beer, and the birds serving behind the bar.

The first race was due off shortly and the girls were quizzing the guys about critical betting information that would decide where their money went, “Does the jockey look nice?” “Is the horse Irish?” and “The horse was born on my birthday” were all valid reasons in their eyes.

The race was off and everyone was on tiptoes to see how their horse was running, apart from Kev Lee who had been shouted at to “sit down” by the people behind us in the Grandstand who couldn’t see! Towards the end of the race anguished cries could be heard from Catherine O’Sullivan “Why is he hitting the horse with that stick!?” as the jockey did his best to drive the horse to the finishing line.

As is so often the case some nag with no form or breeding came through to win and the amateur punters in our group were patting themselves on the back for their business acumen, ability to spot a future Derby winner and the fact that the jockey was wearing pink!

Back to the bar to lick our wounds and check that there was a cashpoint machine available if things continued in that vein. I’m not saying the drinks were expensive but Phil Harpham enquired about the price of a pint of cider and spent the rest of the night drinking from puddles.

The evening wore on with mixed fortunes for everyone, Kev Lee was on fire and picking winner after winner, he even had a touch when collecting his winnings of £11.88, the bookie gave him £12 and told him to keep the change, awesome! Paul Twite was looking through the card for a one horse race so he could actually pick a winner and Rob Balls had gone off to find a horse vet because he had toothache.

Jools Holland was doing his bit on stage for those who had nothing better to do.

Eventually it was time to board the coach, 30 minutes into the journey and the girls were screaming for a toilet stop, Richard Sim knew of a dogging site just 2 miles ahead where we could pull in. We piled out and Rob Balls headed off into the woods with Helen, not sure why cos the toilet block was just by the coach.

All in all yet another excellent event and, for those of us who have served our 10 year stretch, a welcome reminder that we were just too bloody lazy to find ourselves a proper job!!

49 responses to “Only fools and horses”

  1. Anonymous says:

    were can i get this insurance (2) Vauxhall Corsa 1000cc ?

  2. morechaw says:

    what company give mini insurance for £1325?

    • Rainey says:

      1325?????? If you dont mind me asking how old are you – we have been quoted 5100 for a newly passed 18 year old in a MINI One!!!!!

      • david says:

        Prices have gone up significantly (across all insurance companies) since 2006, when the post was originally written. This is in part due to claims inflation, and the worsening economic climate, which has reduced the amount of money the insurers are able to make from investing the premiums. What I would say, though, is that a MINI One has a 1.6 litre engine, which is relatively large for a learner. Choosing a car with a 1.0 or 1.2 litre engine might get cheaper insurance premiums. You should also read our tips for young drivers.ETA: I should also point out that the price above is for an (old-style) Austin Mini, which has a 998cc engine. Great fun, though!
        Prices now updated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love that Vauxhall Corsa.

  4. babs says:

    it would help if you could get insurance at theses prices we have been quoted over 4k for most of the above cars..

    • david says:

      Unfortunately prices have increased still further since this article was initially posted nearly four years ago. But there are still massive benefits to speaking to a specialist insurer – The Guardian recently found Adrian Flux’s prices to be over £1,000 cheaper than the best aggregator price for cheap young driver insurance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love all the classic VW Beetle cars. I tried to buy one from a baltimore used cars shop, but I didn’t have enough money.

  6. Carmadguy says:

    im sorry but i have a Corsa 1000cc but the insurance is 2400. so please enlighten me to this 1320 pathway i can persue

  7. Alsoppy_2 says:

    Would you say that the age of the car and milage of it makes a differance, im looking to buy a ford feista 1.2-1.4 the differance for insurance in a 1.2 and 1.4 is nothing but cheapest is 3400pounds could you buy any chance redo the list of cars for cheapest insurance and let us all know? many thanks 🙂

    • david says:

      Age and mileage on the clock will make a little difference, but only in so far as they affect the value. For young driver policies this is not going to be a major issue compared to things like engine size.

      Doing an advanced driving qualification, such as PassPlus, IAM or the new NVQ in safer driving available in some areas will have a big impact too. Some of our schemes have a reduction of up to 30% for these qualifications, so they are well worth the expense and hassle.

  8. Peugeot 106 is cheep but it actually is old not safe car .. Peugeot 206 is better and not so much expensive !!

  9. Somezebra says:

    Great excuse to get yourself a classic car. Nothing better than a Brit in a beetle

  10. Traci820260 says:

    What a load of ********* …………… funny how you fail to mention the names of these insurance companies that are offering such low insurance premium!!!!

    • david says:

      Umm… Clearly I need to put some more logos onto this page! 😉

      These are the premiums that Adrian Flux are charging (or were charging about a week ago to be pedantic) for the circumstances explained, those being a 17 year old driver, full license. No claims, convictions or accidents in a moderate to low-risk postcode. Everybody’s circumstances will be different and your quote will reflect your own unique situation.

      Just to note also, we haven’t been sneaky or obtuse in this. If the driver lived on the Isle of Wight, for example, the premiums would be hundreds cheaper. Ditto if we assumed a provisional license (so always driving with an experienced passenger). We haven’t done that, as clearly that wouldn’t be a fair reflection of the premiums most people would be paying.

      If you haven’t called Flux yet, the number is 0800 081 8989. These rates aren’t available on any price comparison site, and while we would never claim to be the cheapest for everybody, you have nothing to lose by giving Adrian Flux a try.

  11. Surely this will depend on what company you use to insure the car, those prices are a little over exagerated i think, my daughter who is 17 drives a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 pays £869 fully comp, you just have to shop around for the best deal and don’t take the first figure thrown at you

    Car Leasing

  12. Catherine says:

    I need to get something with a smaller engine so my kids can learn but I’d like a get something I would like to drive too. Old beattles are cute but would they be comfortable for motorway driving as well as around town and would it put the premiums up if I got a convertable?
    Many thanks


    • david says:

      If you’re going to be doing a lot of motorway driving a more modern car makes a lot more sense. The 107 for example, though not the fastest accelerating car in history, is capable of adequate motorway performance, and with a great safety rating and pleasant design, it is a good choice if you can stretch to the £3,500 asking price that a half-decent used example will set you back currently.

  13. Mini Fletch says:

    i was provisionally quoted £1290 for my beetle……sounds about right to me

  14. Saifkhan994 says:

    I won a dodge challenger 2010 black brand new only driven like 5 km by my dad, I won’t let him drive t :0. I’m 15 ATM when I first get my G2 how much will my insurance be?

    • david says:

      Doesn’t sound like you are a UK resident, but if you were, it would certainly cost you several thousand pounds to insure such a beast of a car at seventeen. This does happen from time to time. In most cases, if there isn’t another family member who can make use of it, then it is probably best to sell it and purchase something more sensible to drive for the first few years. After all, it is just going to depreciate if you leave it sat there, could well develop mechanical issue if left standing for a long period, and in any case, you’ll be able to pick up your insurance bills from the change.

  15. CarGuy says:

    I just used a price comparison site and said I was 18, had a classic Beetle, and wanted third party only. Cheapest quote was for over £3k. Can you guys guarantee the price you listed in this article?

    I’m only 16 at the moment, but I’m saving for a car and it’s running costs so I want a rough idea of pricing.

    • david says:

      Your best bet would be to give us a call, as the prices on this page are a snapshot for a particular individual. Many things can have an impact, including your postcode and so on. The prices are about right for the circumstances we explained, though.

      Also note that these days you will often find comprehensive insurance to work out cheaper than third party, which is mad, but backed up by claim stats in certain circumstances.

  16. Guest says:

    In 2008 when i was 17 i insured a mk3 Ford Fiesta – 1199cc for £1100 and i’m male.

  17. guest says:

    how much will it be to insure a
    17 year old male 2001 PEUGEOT 106
    1.1 Independence

    • david says:

      You will need to speak to us if you want a personalised quote, because your
      personal circumstances can make a big difference. Give us a call on 0800 089
      0199, or use the button up the page to request a free callback.

  18. Guest says:

    please may you tell me how you got these quotations as I have put in the correct car information and my quotes do not match the ones above in the table. which insurance companies did you use as I have the opportunity to buy a car and I am only 17. Many thanks

    • david says:

      The quotes are all from our panel of insurers. Your personal circumstances
      can make a big difference to prices, though. You will need to speak to us if
      you want a full quotation – you can call 0800 089 0199, or click the quote
      button up the page to request a callback.

  19. guest says:

    I would like to see the full details for these quotes, how many miles being driven and post code as i have just spent 30 minutes getting a quote at over £5000, even the sales have said that there are no cheap quotes any more.

    I have a good mind to request how many policies have been sold at these prices under the freedom of information act i bet it is around 1% if that

    • david says:

      Basic details of the risk profile we used are as above. As I have said
      several times below, the actual price an individual will be quoted will vary
      dramatically, based on the many factors that affect your premium.

      For example, the quote assumes a mid-to-low risk postcode. If you live in a
      big city, you could pay a lot more on that basis alone, particularly if your
      car is not garaged. Your occupation also plays a massive part.

      And a slightly different car may have very different claim stats. Note that
      there are some popular, desirable 1 litre cars which haven’t made our list.

      As for no cheap quotes being available, I would agree. But cheap is a
      relative term, and there are some much cheaper rates available, that we
      could have used above. For example, one 17-year-old Corsa owner I am aware
      of has paid significantly less than £800 for a policy in August.

      There may be some things you can do to bring your rate down. Check out
      our young
      driver insurance page for some

      But we don’t pretend that we will always have the cheapest rate for your
      situation, so I would recommend you get rates from comparison sites and
      direct providers, too.

  20. Popsy says:

    I agree with many posters, the price of Car Insurance for young drivers especially males who have just passed their driving test is ridiculous – it makes you wonder why many never bother to get insurance. There is also discrimination between males and females too, you’re not telling me that females are safer on the road?
    Example PR7 postcode, 2000 (x) Peugeot 206 5dr LX 1360cc, standard, no modifications, factory imobiliser and alarm. 17yo Just passed test, no convictions, no accidents SD&P, third party insurance cheapest quote over £6000 and upwards..that’s for a £1300 car! Where is the sense in that? If the Insurance companies are trying to put off young males from driving all together – they are doing a bad job, they wonder why there are so many un-insured drivers! My son mentioned in the last paragraph, paid £650 TPFT whilst on provisional license now can’t afford £6000 and will have to continue to use public transport to get to College 15 miles away. What’s he going to do when wants to take up his chosen proffession apprenticeship 170 miles away? Even puplic transport is inconvenient and expensive.
    Insurance companies need to lighten up and working with the government get those extortionate prices down to a sensible level, more drivers would then pay and should the unfortunate incident occur, cover will ensure the innocent party is recompensed properly.

  21. Gravenor says:

    This table is mis-leading as it depends on personal circumstances. If you meet the criteria for a 17 year old male with a 1000cc Corsa BUT NOT A HOMEOWNER! (at 17!) you will not beat £2,500.

    If you are female [another company] have continuously proven to be cheaper….. 06 Ford KA 17 yr old female £800


    • david says:

      I don’t believe that the quotes on this site assume homeownership. Things like postcode and the age / value of the car are also big factors.

      The other company you mentioned have had some well publicised problems relating to their UK young driver underwriting.

      Your last point is a very good one. Insurance is such a major cost now that buying a cheap car could easily turn into an expensive mistake.

  22. David_W says:

    When my daughter passes her test (age 17) she will not be driving very much so will probably be a named driver on her mum’s car. Assuming a low insurance group car like those listed above, will the premium rise a bit or will the full amount listed above get loaded onto her mum’s policy? And would my daughter only get third party, fire and theft cover when she is driving even though her mum’s policy is Fully Comp? Finally, if she is a named driver for one year, will that reduce the premium when she gets her own car?

    • david says:

      The policy would be rated as though your daughter were the main driver, with
      the parent as a named driver. Unfortunately the risk of a fronted policy in
      these situations is too great, and even where the intention is for the child
      to be driving infrequently, often they will wind up using the car more than
      they thought. Making the child the main driver reduces the chance of a claim
      being rejected by the insurer.

      In any case, this will, in my opinion, be best for your daughter in the long
      run, as she builds up her own no-claims bonus and driving history, making
      future policies much cheaper.

      You will find some well-known insurance companies have different rules on
      this, and may well offer cover as you describe – however in the event of an
      accident, if they decide that the child is, in fact, the main driver, they
      can, and have on many occasions, refuse to cover the claim, which could
      leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket.

      Named drivers on a car policy receive the same level of cover as the
      proposer. I think you are probably thinking of policies which contain a
      ‘driving other cars’ benefit – in the case the proposer is able to drive
      another person’s car – in 99% of cases this cover is Third Party Only.

  23. andy says:

    what car would you recommend i get, im a 17 year old male, still in full-time education
    only need the car to get to and from school

    what is the cheapest quote you could offer and for what car?

    • david says:

      Andy, see above, we reckon these are about the cheapest cars for young drivers at the moment, but you’ll also need to consider what you want from a car, and the cheapest car for one driver may not necessarily be cheapest for another. In general the cheaper rates are on the least ‘cool’ cars.

      However if you *only* need the car to get to school, I would seriously consider taking the bus, or cycling, assuming those are sensible options, because cheap is a relative term here.

  24. Sam says:

    I drive my car at peak times due to my apprenticeship as a n electrician, with tools ect it’s very inconvenient to use public transport, but because I have to do over 5000 miles a year and I have to drive at peak times I might aswell just give up untill I’m 25. In reality I would be driving around less than my friends in college, as id only be commuting to the workplace, then not again untill im home. most accidents occur with a lot of teenagers in the car together or them trying to show off to freinds by racing ect statistics show, which would generally be people who are at college who have all those “free periods” to drive around with all your mates in the back. So because at 17 I have a job, I’m capable to pay all costs without my parents helping me, on top of paying board of £100 a month, and pulling in 45 hour working weeks, which would entail less showing off infront of friends, meaning less dangerous because I actually just want to get home I’m peenalised. My cheapest quote today because of all this? £4644 and iv had at least 200 quotes.

    • david says:

      Sorry to hear about your problems, Sam, as unfortunately this is a problem for many. Have you chatted to someone at a specialist broker, or did you just get internet quotes? Given your occupation, I can imagine many quote systems will assume that you are ‘jobbing’ and driving to many properties. You may be able to get a cheaper rate if you have explained your situation to a human being.

      You also don’t mention if this is for a particular car, which, as you can see makes a big difference in some cases.

  25. says:

    I didnt know the beetle was so cheap, my first car was a Nissan Micra.

  26. david says:

    Corsa C. I think, but a D of similar value would not be massively different.

  27. david says:

    Well, from the insurance companies’ points of view, it would be better for them if there were no young drivers on the road, particularly in the big cities, and they could make money from the safe middle aged drivers with boring repmobiles. Pushing uninsured teenagers onto the road is not the intention (at least I hope it isn’t), but if it ends up being the result, nobody will be a winner. Have you tried following our tips for young drivers? Realistically, though, young men are going to have to accept that the price of driving includes a large insurance premium.

  28. david says:

    Well these prices were attainable for folks living in an average postcode. If you are a student, chances are high you live in a big city, in which case prices may well be higher.

  29. david says:

    The quotes are from Adrian Flux, 0800 081 8989. Is that not obvious?

  30. david says:

    Interestingly, fully comprehensive insurance usually works out cheaper than TPF&T these days. The stats seem to show that folk on TPO and TPFT policies take less care. So it may be worth asking for both prices when you are getting quotes.

    Black box policies are an interesting addition to the market, but can work out to be very restrictive and expensive due to the punitive charges for driving outside of the curfew. For example any job involving evening shifts or early starts is out of the question, and any unforeseen need to drive at night, can end up costing hundreds.

    Driving your own car is supposed to involve freedom and independence, IMHO.

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