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Insurance On A Chassis Number?

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September 1, 2010
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Insuring your car can be a total nightmare, if, for any reason your car doesn’t have a registration number. Although this sounds like a rare occurence, there are a huge range of scenarios that can see your car left without a UK registration, for example, if your car or bike has been imported, custom or kit-built cars needing an SVA, etc..

This is where many people hit a catch 22. To get a car registered with the DVLA, you need to prove that the vehicle is insured. Which is a big problem, because most mainstream insurers will only offer cover if you can provide them with the vehicle’s registration mark.

That’s the situation that John and Sue Knutton found themselves in, according to the Daily Mail. They have returned from living in France, and brought their cars back with them, but because they were on French plates, they were having trouble finding cover, which they needed to obtain their UK plates.

Fortunately they phoned the BIBA helpline, and the good folks at BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers Association, sent them on to us.
BIBA operate the helpline to assist motorists and homeowners who are having trouble finding quotes, by pointing their customers in the direction of specialist brokers. The DVLA refer customers there, as does the Environment Agency, where property owners in flood areas have run into insurance grief.

So if you find yourself in a quandary, with insurance companies unable to offer the cover you need, you should consider a specialist broker, such as Flux, where we have been helping to protect the things no-one else will for over 35 years, including chassis number insurance, flood risk insurance, and many other extraordinary and specialist situations.

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