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Get covered – where to get car seat covers

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June 9, 2014
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Car seat covers have moved on recently. For one thing they fit properly, are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit the most varied of tastes and are also recommended as a way of protecting your seats as well as a way of expressing your personality.

Worn seats not only look unattractive but they are a sure indication that the motor has had a lot of hard wear and can take a huge chunk off the resale price. Adrian Flux, a specialist car insurance broker has looked at some of the most interesting seat covers on the market.

Innovative and cool: Roofbox stocks Walser seat covers that keep you cool so that you don’t have to run the air conditioning so often, thereby saving fuel. The company also produces a cover for seats fitted with side air bags.

Practical and sporty: Waterproof covers are great for family cars and sports utility vehicles. They protect the seat from mud, rain and other unmentionable substances picked up after a day in the field. Carseat covers has a selection of heavy duty covers that will keep your car seats free of stains and ‘doggy’ smells. The covers at Secretspot are for watersports enthusiasts, like surfers, who don’t always change out of their wet suit before driving home.

Retro: If good old fashioned furry covers are what turns you on then take a look at the animal prints at CarSpot. Retro covers at their best. The snow tiger ones would look great in a white car with wide wheels and a rear aerofoil.

Cosy and warm: For something a bit more warm and cosy, try the genuine article. Sheepskin Slippers make luxurious sheepskin seat covers to fit all makes of car. These are perfect for the harsh winters the UK has been suffering recently. You can even buy heated ones that plug into a 12V socket if you have always yearned for that executive warm bottom but drive a Daewoo!

Cute and kid-proof: To make a family car into a little girl’s paradise then these Hello Kitty covers at Argos should do the trick.  And, if your kids are messy then at Kiddicare there’s a hard-wearing seat cover designed to stop kids wrecking the upholstery with their sweets, drinks and pens and mucky feet.

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