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Top 10 essential travel snacks and sweets

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February 10, 2017
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We all know the feeling of being peckish on a long arduous road trip, only to realise that the next service station is not for another 30 miles.

It’s right about now that you wish you’d remembered to pack some snacks, especially when you see the price for a bar of chocolate when you reach the service station.

So what are the nation’s favourite travel snacks? And which are the best to eat while in the passenger seat, without the driver complaining you’ve made a mess of their freshly-cleaned car?

We take a look at the top 10 travel snacks/sweets you can pack to help you refuel mid journey:

  1. Mints: The classic travel companion. Whether it’s a massive bag of mint imperials, tiny Tic-Tacs, humbugs, Fox’s glacier mints or Everton mints, Murray mints or Polos, they mostly last for a long time and you can savour each bit of minty refreshment.
  2. Werther’s Original: Remember these are not just for travelling with old people, they’re for everyone. But, if you do happen to be accompanying your nan or grandad, then I am sure these will help pass the time, as they recall different stories that somehow include someone eating one of these beautifully made bits of toffee. Unless you have heard them all before, then just pick a different packet of sweets to avoid the unwanted tales.Werther's Original
  3. Biscuits: OK, so this negates our earlier point about not spilling any crumbs. But come on, Britons love a biscuit, even if you don’t have any tea to dunk them in. It’s hard to turn down a chocolate digestive or Bourbon, especially if you haven’t eaten for a few hours. And if the driver moans about the ‘mess’ you are making, I am sure once they have a nibble, when they pull over, all will be forgotten.
  4. Wine Gums: If you’re looking for something chewy and full of juice, then these are definitely the go-to sweet for you, with a plethora of flavours to pick from. No mess, no fuss.
  5. Crisps: Simple, but to the point. For parents this is surely the go-to snack to give to your children, just simply throw them a packet of salt and vinegar or whatever fancy flavour you have chosen and let them munch on them, for a few moments of peace, before they start asking ‘are we there yet?’
  6. Simpkins: The most traditional British travel sweet is a tin of hard treats from Simpkins, which hark back to many a childhood. Billed as the world’s original English travel sweets, and made in Sheffield since 1921, Simpkins famous travel tins add a nostalgic touch to your journey – and you won’t have to worry about empty sweet wrappers littering your back seats and working their way into every crevice.
  7. Fruit: See, not all of these picks are unhealthy. Albeit your car will have an unhealthy smell if you leave that banana skin lying in the sun.
  8. Starburst: Or Opal Fruits, depending on your age, these little fruity treats are a mixed bag, pardon the pun, based on what time of year you are travelling. If it is warm then they will be chewy, if it is cold outside then be prepared to nearly break your teeth before enjoying whichever flavour is your favourite.
  9. Hard boiled sweets: Perfect for avoiding that horrible dry throat experience you receive from travelling for two hours. Like the mints, they might not be filling enough for that groan your stomach has just made.
  10. Parma Violets: Hard to believe but, according to one survey, these disc-shaped sweets with a floral taste are the nation’s sixth favourite sweet. The confectionary is similar to Fizzers, but without the fizz.

Useful tip: To cope with any spills or sticky fingers don’t forget to have a packet of anti-bacterial wet wipes stashed in the glove box. They become incredibly handy, especially for your little ones in the back seat.

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