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How to keep your caravan secure

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June 22, 2017
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An unsecured caravan is a sitting duck for thieves. But by making sure you’ve taken the right precautions, you can deter all but the most determined of crooks and save money on your insurance at the same time.

Most caravan rustlers will look for the easy targets, and with about 4,000 vans a year stolen in the UK there seem to be plenty of them about.

Here, specialist caravan insurance broker Adrian Flux looks at the best ways of keeping your caravan secure, whether you’re touring the country or keeping your van in your garden or on a site.

caravan secure

  1. Lock it! Let’s start with the basics. It sounds obvious, but always lock your caravan if it’s unattended, and keep the windows and any roof lights closed. Window locks are available, as are battery-operated alarms that sound if the window is opened. Failing to lock up could invalidate your insurance if possessions are stolen from an unlocked caravan.
  2. Wheel clamps. A visible wheel clamp will deter most thieves and make it very difficult to make off with your caravan. The best on the market, with a Sold Secure Diamond Standard award, will set you back more than £230 apiece but they’re virtually indestructible. You could also invest in some lockable wheel nuts.
  3. Alarm it. Many new caravans come with alarm systems fitted, like new cars do, but you can also retro-fit alarms to older models, and it’s an effective deterrent to thieves (as long as you make it clear from the outside you have an alarm fitted!). Some units include tracking devices, so if a determined thief does manage to make off with your van you  – or rather the police – can trace its whereabouts quickly. A good alarm can also get you an insurance discount. Only 10 per cent of caravans stolen are recovered, but you’ll stand a better chance of being in the minority with a tracking device fitted, although devices can be pricey.
  4. Hitch locks. An essential first line of defence to stop someone hitching up your caravan and driving off with it. The hitch lock covers the coupling head of the caravan when it’s stationary and makes it impossible to hitch onto a tow bar. Make sure you get one that fits your type of coupling head.
  5. Ground anchors or posts. Anchoring your caravan to the ground, or a post set into the ground, will make it almost impossible to tow away. Ground anchors drop from the chassis into the ground, and are useful for if you’re planning to leave your caravan stationary over winter.

Other steps you can take to keep your caravan secure:

  1. Get to know your neighbours when you pitch up at a caravan site. Ask them to keep an eye on your van in return for doing the same for them, and report anything suspicious.
  2. Take plenty of photographs of your caravan, including any distinguishing marks, to help identification.
  3. Display security stickers stating the caravan is registered with the Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS), and it’s worth etching your vehicle ID number (VIN) on the windows.
  4. Try to choose a safe site for your caravan. The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) rates sites based on their security.
  5. If you’re parking your caravan at home, try to make sure it’s in a well-lit area.

Adrian Flux offers a range of caravan insurance policies, whether you have a two-berth touring caravan, an eight-berth static caravan or a large European van, the broker has a suitable, affordable caravan insurance policy.

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