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Save money with Specialist Insurance

Caravan Insurance

Get comprehensive caravan insurance from just £70 a year and there’ll be nothing to stop your next road trip when the sun starts to shine.

Existing customers please call:
Existing customers please call:

Why choose Adrian Flux?

Every caravan is unique. As a specialist insurance broker for caravans, our customer care team frequently organises cover for unusual vehicles. In the past year alone, we’ve covered folding Goburs, classic Airstreams, and more.

As we’re caravan specialists, if you have any unusual requests we can usually fulfil them. Plus, we have links with clubs and forums across the country. If you’re affiliated with a club, let us know and we might be able to knock off up to 15% from your policy price.

Illustration of person leaning against caravan
Illustration of person leaning against caravan
Caravan parked up on the grass with door open on a beautiful day

Do I need insurance for my caravan?

While caravan insurance is optional, quotes tend to be fairly inexpensive. As such, it’s usually in your best interest to get cover as it will prevent you from having to fork out for costly repairs.

As caravans are bulkier than the average car, they can reduce your vision of what’s behind you on the road and increase your turning circle.

While you might be covered by someone else’s insurance in an accident, this is really leaving things up to chance as the fault of an incident isn’t always obvious. There are also other risks involved in owning a caravan. Thefts of caravans are becoming increasingly common in the UK, so it’s more important than ever to take out an insurance policy.

Caravan parked up on the grass with door open on a beautiful day

Get a Caravan Insurance quote

Get a Caravan Insurance Quote

What’s included with my policy?

We love happy customers. While we work with some very specialist insurers, there are a few things that we ask our panel of insurers to include as standard on comprehensive policies, plus a few optional types of cover. Your policy can include:

Car towing a caravan on a cloudy day
Car towing a caravan on a cloudy day

If you’d prefer to store your caravan in a more secure location like a CASSOA site, you could see your insurance premiums drop significantly as it can help prevent your van from being stolen. This is particularly ideal for the winter months, when your caravan isn’t in use.

Available on newer caravans, this allows you to replace your damaged, lost or stolen caravan with a newer model that is equivalent in value.

After all, what’s the point in owning a caravan when you can’t use it abroad?

If you’re at fault for an accident, this will cover damage caused to third parties and their property.

Unfortunately this is quite a common occurrence for caravan owners.

We try to be as flexible as possible for our customers.

We offer special schemes at a reasonable price.

If you’ve built up a no claims bonus (NCB).

Available for caravans and contents: get complete peace of mind.

Just let us know what kind of caravan you have and we should be able to help.

UK static caravans can take advantage of optional cover for hire and reward lettings, meaning you can rent out your caravan when you aren’t using it.

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.


Caravan insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot, especially if you’ve built up a no claims bonus already. At Adrian Flux, we know that the people most likely to buy a caravan are generally quite dependable and low risk, so we do our best to get you the best deal possible.
Even if you’ve received a caravan insurance quote from another provider, be sure to give us a call. Wherever possible, we try to beat any quote you receive. Our caravan insurance customers saved an average of 20% in 2021 when taking out a policy with us.

Unfortunately, damage to your own caravan usually isn’t included with your car insurance, though you are likely to be covered for any third-party damage caused by towing the caravan if you have fully comp insurance.

This makes separate caravan insurance all the more important. Your car insurance also won’t cover any possessions you keep in your caravan. Thankfully, we offer cover for gadgets and personal possessions as an optional extra with your caravan insurance.

In most cases, your insurance will not be impacted if you tow a caravan. However, if you’re planning on towing, it’s important to tell your insurer that you’ve fitted a tow-bar. While this is unlikely to affect your insurance premiums, it could be seen as a modification. It’s always best to be upfront about this as not doing so could invalidate your insurance.

This will depend on the policy you take out, as well as the insurer you choose. We work with over 30 insurers, so if this is something you care about, chances are we can find a provider that will cover the cost of damp or water damage.

Simply give us a call on and we’ll do our best to provide you a tailored quote.

Static caravans are permanent structures that are usually kept on a special site where there are shops and other amenities so you can holiday or live in comfort.

A touring caravan, on the other hand, is towed by another vehicle. These allow you to travel around while also having a separate place to sleep and cook meals when needed. These should not be confused with motorhomes, where the car and caravan are basically built into one unit. If you think motorhome insurance is more suitable for you, we also offer motorhome insurance.

The type of caravan you own will affect the type of coverage you need as it will impact the different threats you’ll face. Be sure to let us know which type you have so we can cover you adequately.

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