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Why you shouldn’t lie on your insurance application

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June 1, 2017
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Have you ever lied on an car insurance application to ensure the cost goes down? It has been revealed a whopping 84% have done so, which could see you earn a criminal record for insurance fraud along with your policy becoming void.

According to a new study by VoucherCodesPro via the Daily Mirror has revealed that over three-quarters of those surveyed have admitted to lying on an insurance application form.

Lying may ensure that your premiums are cheaper in the short-term, but if you were to have an accident or if you were to make a claim of any kind that contradicts what you have told your insurer, you could face a fine and possibly a criminal record.

If your insurer finds out that you have ‘bent the truth’ on your application they can ensure that the policy becomes void and can take you to court for committing insurance fraud.

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George Charles, a spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro is quoted by the newspaper as stating: “Invalidating your insurance can leave you with a hefty bill if anything were to happen, never mind the legal implications.

“You might like the idea of saving yourself a small chunk of change, but if you ever need to call on your insurance and find you’ve invalidated it by lying, it’s going to cost you far more in the long run.”

It appears that Britons are not averse to lying when it comes to acquiring insurance with the majority of the most common lies directly involving their cars.

These are the most common white lies that UK residents tell potential insurers:

  • Where your vehicle is kept overnight
  • Any previous insurance claims/accidents
  • Annual estimated mileage
  • The purpose of insuring your car (is it for work or social)
  • Vehicle modifications

Not only could you face a hefty fine and possibly a criminal record, but lying to an insurer will also ensure your future policies will become more expensive as there will be a black mark against your name for having had a previous policy voided in the past.

Some insurers will not offer a policy to those who have had insurance cancelled, voided or refused in the past, whether it be for car, travel or home insurance and the price of your premiums could go up exponentially, as a result.

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