Have You Had Car Insurance Cancelled Or Refused?

If you have ever had car insurance cancelled, refused, declined or voided, you could find it very hard to get affordable car insurance in the future. Online and automated systems often discriminate against drivers who have faced issues in the past, assuming that any problems were to do with fraud or criminal activity, wrongly making you a higher risk.

Many insurers will either not offer you insurance at all or will charge you extortionate premiums for having cancelled car insurance, or voided or refused policies in the past, without even checking whether it was your fault first.

Whilst most insurers treat cancelled car insurance as a sign of foul play by you, at Adrian Flux we realise that most of the time it isnt customers fault if their insurance is voided. From cancellation for non-payment to paperwork and document issues or even just a genuine oversight or lack of understanding about the terms of insurance there could be all sorts of reasons that your insurance was cancelled.

Unlike automated systems or comparison websites, when you phone Adrian Flux you can speak to our staff directly and explain your situation to us. We will listen to your exact circumstances and work with you to find a fair premium to get car insurance after cancellation, not just make assumptions based on past issues, to refuse you cover.

Specialist Cover For Drivers With Cancelled Car Insurance

With highly trained staff answering all of your questions and taking all of your details into account, you can be sure that we will help you with getting insurance after cancellation, covering exactly what you want at a price that suits.

At Adrian Flux we offer insurance to match all needs, no matter where you live, what you drive or what issues youve had in the past:

  • A massive range of insurances, from standard cars to classics, modified racers to work vans and motorhomes, motorbikes and bicycles
  • A wide array of optional extras for our policies, including key care, gadget cover, breakdown cover and many more
  • Discounts to suit all customers and policies, across a range of circumstances, from limited mileage to experienced driver discounts
  • Bespoke quotes to fit your needs and your budget, using our cover levels, discounts and add-ons, to get you the right cover for the right price
  • We also offer home insurance spanning standard homes, non-standard construction, landlord cover and flood risk insurance

By combining all of our experience, discounts, added extras and personalised levels of cover, you can be confident that getting car insurance after cancellation wont be hard work with Adrian Flux. Taking all of your needs into account, and listening to the actual reason that you got your car insurance cancelled in the first place, we can find you a competitive and reliable quote, no matter what you drive.

Adrian Flux has 40 years experience of finding insurance for customers that other businesses just wont help, and in that time we have grown to be the UKs largest specialist insurance broker. We now put all of that experience to use finding cover for people who have had cancelled car insurance policies helping you when others wont.

To speak to one of our expert staff today and receive your free insurance quote, call us on 0800 369 8590 or complete a callback form on the website and we will get in touch at a convenient time for you.